Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ghost Hunters International (*yawn)

"On this week's episode of... Ghost Hunters..." Seriously. They need to eliminate Ghost Hunters International from the franchise. Either that or they need a new team and they need to send them to Asia. Asia is so haunted! But the current team really doesn't do anything for me. Every week you can count on Joe Chin squealing that something touched him. Really? I think it's wishful thinking, Joe. I don't think a living person would touch you, let alone a dead one. And then there's Chris who's been put in the position of trying to carry the show, but she just isn't strong enough. She's cute, but she has absolutely nothing to offer when it comes to investigating. Let's mix it up, people.

And what's the real reason behind Grant's departure from Ghost Hunters? To pursue Graphic Design?! WTF?! Who believed that? Let me see... You used to be a plumber, then you got your own highly successful television show, became a celebrity (of sorts), and you're leaving the show to become a graphic designer. I guess that missing wedding ring on his finger has nothing to do with his decision, huh. Oh, okay. Cool, Grant! Thanks for being real - just like your investigations.

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