Monday, March 26, 2012

Evergreen Cemetery

Having photographed many cemeteries in Europe and South America, I wanted to shoot some of the local graveyards which, I feel, are often just as beautiful even though they aren't as ornate or grandiose as those in other countries. Unfortunately, I've often been confronted by security guards telling me I'm not allowed to photograph within the cemeteries and once was asked to erase my memory card while the guard stood over me. Evergreen Cemetery in Boyle Heights, however, did not seem to have an issue with me wandering freely, D-SLR camera around my neck, shooting their beautiful grounds. Thanks to my friend Jayne Osborne for meeting me there and showing me some of the highlights.

Evergreen is the oldest non-denominational cemetery in the city (est. 1877) with over 300,000 people buried there. The rich history of Los Angeles is evident as you walk through its various sections. Most impressive for me was the number of veterans buried there and the old, weathered tombstones that I find so mesmerizing. Be sure to check it out when you're in the area. Oh, and say, "hi" to Joe Blow when you find him.


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  2. Lisa, this is great! I didn't know about your blog until today... I love its theme. Having a blog is such a great creative outlet... enjoy & have fun with it! Looking forward to your posts!

    p.s. I had to delete this the first time because I typed the word "is" wrong... can you fn believe it... that's scary!