Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ghost Dog

This photo was posted on FB by my "friends" at the Boyle Heights Paranormal Project. (Photo copyright Michael Campbell) After going outdoors to shoot the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, Michael Campbell forgot to reset his camera settings which had been set for a long exposure. Accidentally shooting this in his kitchen on a 2-second exposure reveals a ghostly Pomeranian dog in the lower right corner. Do you see it? Michael has no animals in the house, so he believes that this could be a spirit living in a different frequency, made evident to our dimension by the long exposure. One skeptic has already called, "Foul!" on BHPP's FB page claiming that it's simply matrixing due to the movement of the person's left foot during the long exposure and has requested that the photo be taken to an expert. I love naysayers, but I tend to lean toward claims of the paranormal, especially when I can see the dog's semi-expressive face staring straight into the camera!

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