Saturday, May 19, 2012

O! It's been a while!

It's been so long since I've posted an entry that I forgot my user login. #duh The reason for my absence was my birthday. Yup, O has turned the big 5-O. I celebrated in haunted Edinburgh (great city if you haven't been) and spent my big day in Greyfriars Kirkyard. Although no run-ins with the Mackenzie Poltergeist, I was touched while walking through the graveyard. I felt something tap the back of my leg and I immediately reached down to adjust the strap of my backpack, which I thought had come loose. Nope! Nothing there. There were a lot of dead tree branches on the ground so I looked around to make sure I hadn't walked in the path of one while gawking at the beautiful crypts. Nope! Well, Scotland, that's two for two (I also had an experience while walking through the Necropolis in Glasgow in 2009).

The reason for my return to blogging also has to do with my birthday. My friends and I celebrated my milestone event at the O-Bar and everyone was asked to bring a gift that started with the letter O. It's great to have such creative friends! One of my gifts was my own Obituary (love that!) and another was the "jumper" illustration for my Scare-O-Meter! Now I can start using my rating system in the way it was O-riginally intended. Thanks to all my friends who made this birthday extra-special.

Well, I guess it wouldn't be a true blog entry without some story about the paranormal, so I'll tell you about one of the incidents in my haunted home. One day I was in the bathroom putting my make-up on when I heard my son crying in his bedroom (he was five or six at the time). I walked down the hall to check on him and as soon as I got to the doorway the crying stopped. I called his name and asked if he was okay. No answer. I looked around the room and didn't see him anywhere. I called his name again. I looked under his bed. Empty. I looked in his closet. No kid. Thinking I had just imagined it, I headed back to the bathroom and as I did the crying began again. I went back toward his room and when I reached the doorway... you guessed it. The crying stopped. I called his name again, but still no response. I thought he might have gone outside to play with his friends and had gotten hurt or I thought maybe one of his friends was sitting, outside, under one of his windows hiding from his parents so I quickly went outside to look. I walked the entire perimeter of my house and found nothing. I hurried back inside, now yelling my son's name and he answered me from the family room located on the other side of the house. When I reached him he was sitting on the couch, watching TV. I asked him if he was okay and he said, "Yes, Mommy!" I could tell by his demeanor and his face that he had not been crying at all. Still, I had to verify. "Were you crying?" His response was, of course, "No."

Many other paranormal incidents took place in that house, including the sighting of a full-bodied apparition. I'll save those stories for another time.

(No "jumpers" today. I can't figure out how to import them the way I want. #duhagain!)