Thursday, July 5, 2012

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

How can you not love this? One of our greatest Presidents and one of the greatest men of all time, a closet vampire hunter?! What a great premise.

As I normally do, I read the book first so I could get a better feel of the setting, the characters, and what drives them. Do yourself a favor and read this book. It's so cleverly written -- incorporating historical quotes into a fictional tale. It's so well done that sometimes you have to ask yourself, "How much of this is true?" or "I wonder if that really happened?"

Now, having learned my lesson from reading the Hunger Games series and then being completely disappointed by the movie, I knew not to expect too much from Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter's adaptation to the screen. I also knew it had gotten pretty bad reviews but I rolled my eyes on those. I mean, critics weren't really expecting anything besides a lot of tongue-in-cheek dialogue and some great special effects, were they? I, for one, really liked this film. Yes, it was extremely different from the book, but I had to respect that the author himself, Seth Grahame Smith, also penned the screenplay. Hell, they're his characters so he can do with them whatever he damn well pleases. I also liked the fact that I didn't recognize anyone in the cast (can you tell I'm not big on pop culture?) so I didn't have to sit there thinking to myself, "Hmm... Didn't that guy play Kumar?" or something along those lines.

Go strictly for the fun of it and I assure you you'll have a good time. Although not what I would consider a horror movie, it even made me jump out of my seat once! And because of that I'm going to give Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter  one "jump" on my Scare-O-Meter, but I'm also giving it two thumbs up for its cleverness, originality, special effects, and its fun factor.

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